You could now make it big by just avoiding these three silly mistakes on Fiverr

You could now make it big by just avoiding these three silly mistakes on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the leading marketplaces to sell your services online.

It also comes with a price. The biggest disadvantage of using Fiverr is its competition.

There are already hundreds of established players in Fiverr and you need to stand out in the crowd to get noticed and bag offers.

After researching and studying 40 plus case studies we have listed three big mistakes that will stop you from making money from Fiverr.

  1. Featured Image

When people are searching for a service, featured is the first thing that will create an impression. This also helps them to click on your gig to look for more information. The most less talked scenario here is CTR  Click Through Rate.

When your gig is getting an impression but only a few people are checking out your gig, Fiverr will lower your gig’s position in their search. whereas if you are getting more clicks, Fiverr algorithm recognizes your gig as one the which is loved by people and will give you a better position in the rankings.

The best way to post the image is to create curiosity.  Make sure your text in the featured image stands out from the crowd and give an offer that would tempt them to click to a gig to see more information.

2. Description 

Don’t say what you know, – write your solution to the client’s problem.

This is where most people make mistake. Evey clicks to your gig is an opportunity to make a sale and you could get repeated orders from your clients.

When he clicks your gig, the client is looking for a solution, so you will get more sales if you speak more about the solution to the problem and how the client will benefit from it.

3. Chat Experience 

This is the third step the client does before placing an order.

Common Mistake: Don’t speak, listen, and probe more.

The biggest and the most common mistake people do is, jumping to a conclusion on clients’ needs.

Listen to the client, and ask questions and then start answering, this will make an impact that you have understood the problem and you could give a good solution.

Addressing these problems could take only hours, but it could give you increase in impressions and conversions in quick time.




About the Author: Saravana Kumar

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