Twitter Comment Method : Easiest way to gain more followers in Quick Time

Twitter Comment Method : Easiest way to gain more followers in Quick Time

Starting a new account on Twitter or finding it difficult to get more followers?

You are not alone. It’s tough when you start and there is an easy method to gain more followers. You can do this without spending any money.

You could just follow these steps, you could get instant results within a day if you follow this method.

Step 1: Be clear about what you want to accomplish from your account. Do you want to run a personal account or a branded account? A branded account doesn’t need to be a real brand but it just needs to use a niche like fitness, tech, etc.

Step 2: Say for example you want to run an account about fitness. The first and important step is the set up your profile. Create a unique name and a display picture. This will help you to get more profile visits.

Step 3:  Follow influencers and Twitter handle which has tons of followers in your niche. Follow as many accounts as possible.

Want to find more accounts? There are two simple ways. The first one is to search on Twitter with a keyword and follow the accounts who tweet about your niche and has a good number of followers. The second method is to follow people followed by influencers and big handles.

Make sure you follow people with at least 10k followers.

Step 4:   This may look simple and easy but needs lots of research and hard work. When a user visits your profile, he gets to see your bio, pinned tweet (if you have one), and your latest tweet. So make sure your recent tweets have value and an impressive message to get the follow.

when you are starting out, there will be already 100’s of accounts, so plan and strategy and tweet about things that bring value to your followers. The more value you provide, the easier it gets to gain followers.

It is advisable to do at least 15 to 20 tweets before you start your comment game.

Step 5: You are all set. Make sure you follow at least 2oo to 300 people. Now your timeline should be filled with new tweets from influencers and big brands. You can start commenting. The more you comment, the more impressions you will gain which will get you more followers.  Make sure you create value by giving impressive answers or raise questions. This will make more people to visit your profile.

Do and Dont’s

a)Don’t tweet like thanks, yeah you are right. Try to create value.

b)Use a list and bullets/smiley icons in your tweet, this will make users to read your comment and will create a good impact.

c)Ask questions. This will push to have conversations and if the tweet gets viral, your profile will get lots of attention.

d) Tweet images, this will make people to click on your reply and view the image. As a result, your engagement will grow.

So how long does it take to get results, as soon you finish setting up your profile and tweets you can see the results instantly.   Fix a target of making 300 replies in a week and judge your progress after a week. If you got 200 plus followers you are going on the right path.

You don’t need to keep doing this all the time, once you gained enough followers you can create value on your tweets and your follower’s retweet, like will get you more impressions.


About the Author: Saravana Kumar

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