Three best web 2.0 websites for backlinking

Three best web 2.0 websites for backlinking

Google loves backlinks.

No, it’s not. Actually, Google loves quality backlinks.

So what does quality mean here?

Backlinks from high DA sites will be treated with importance in SEO. Do no follow backlinks really matter?

Yes no follow backlinks helps you to increase the number of referring domains and helps to create a balance between do follow and no follow backlinks.

Here I am listing three main web 2.0 websites that will help you with the above-mentioned advantages and additionally it will also help you to create proper anchor texts.

It is very important to create different sets of anchor sets.

Same Anchor Texts will look spammy and could be penalized by Google. Anchor texts also help you to rank your page for a particular keyword.

So by using the following web 2.0 links you could increase your referring domains and Anchor text quality.

Site 1: 

DA: 96, PA : 81

Alexa Rank : 105

Ranking Keywords: 1.5 million

Time on Site: 02.50

Site 2: 

DA: 93, PA : 75

Alexa Rank : 9,670

Ranking Keywords: 10.8k

Time on Site: 03.36

Site 3:

DA: 75, PA : 60

Alexa Rank: 45,013

Ranking Keywords: 65.8k

Time on Site: 02.40


  1. The main advantage is you write about anything on these websites. You can be running a blog on health or tech or any niche, you can write articles and link to your website.

2. You could link your articles from these websites to any forum or community and it won’t be treated as spam.                You can build links to articles on these websites and this will increase the weight of your link placed on these websites

3. Traffic – These websites have a great community and if your article is impressive, it will have the potential to go viral and in turn, it will bring tons of traffic to your website.

You could be running a website/blog on any niche. Whenever you finish an article, try to come up with some follow-up articles and publish them on these websites.

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