The Ultimate Guide: How to make sales on Twitter Direct Messages

The Ultimate Guide: How to make sales on Twitter Direct Messages

Sales through direct message on Twitter? Hearing this for the first time? or tried and it dint work for you. whatever may be the case you are now going to learn one of the easiest methods to make sales (both for your product and affiliates). The most important factor is, it’s free and you don’t need to spend anything.

In the end, I will show a short breakdown of how much you can earn through this method.

Step 1: Make a list of keywords

Say you are selling an ebook on how to make money on Instagram. Don’t restrict your audience who are just tweeting about Instagram. You could also include people who are speaking about passive income, work online, work from home, etc.

So the first and important step is you write down the list of keywords used by your target audience.

Step 2: Find the right audience.

When you make a search, you will get a list of people who have tweeted about your search keyword. The important step here is to find the right audience.  You will see people marketing their products, website, and then comes to people who are looking for answers and reviews.

Your target audience should be people who are asking questions and suggestions. These people are ready to buy and look for expert advice or suggestion. So when you target them, it will be easy to convince and make a sale.

Step 3: The Approach

So once you have found your prospect, the next thing you need to check is whether their DM is open. Some people might have locked the DM so that others cant message them.

So once their DM is open, we can directly message them. Remember when you message a person who is not following you, Twitter will block the message and the person will recover the message as MESSAGE REQUEST. Twitter uses this option to filter spam.

But the good news is, when you are not spamming and trying to help people, you will get more than 80% response.

When you message the prospect, don’t try to place your product or affiliate link in the first message. People will think you are spamming and won’t respond.

Rather send a text as if you a having a conversation with the friend.

The important factor: The most important factor is, pose yourself as a successful person. When they are speaking about the problem or looking for a solution in the tweet, pose like you have faced the same problem and have solved it. This will tempt them to ask how you have solved it.

Have a conversation and slowly pitch your product /affiliate link.

This will give you a good conversion rate. Why? Because

a) You are targeting the right audience

b) Unsdestood his problem

c) Introducing the product in the best possibele way.

If you are looking for free traffic for affiliates or for your own product, this method can be very useful than link building.

Say you have a product where you will get a $20 commission (or profit), all you need to do is make 5 sales a day to get $100 a day and $3000 a month.

You can easily achieve this if you can have a conversation with 30 people. Remember twitter allows 1000 direct messages a day for an account.

About the Author: Saravana Kumar

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