Seven mistakes you should avoid on Twitter to get more followers and Engagement

Seven mistakes you should avoid on Twitter to get more followers and Engagement

It is easy to get followers on Twitter when compared to Instagram. All you need to do such avoid some silly mistakes to stand out from the crowd. After short research and with years of experience, I have listed seven mistakes you should avoid to get more visibility and followers.

1.Stop posting too many links. You may get two problems if you post too many links. When a user visits your profile and if he sees your timeline filled with links, he may think your account as spam and won’t follow. The second and most important thing is, Twitter will hide your replies when you place too many links irrelevant to the tweet.

2. Don’t keep your bio empty – Twitter bio can be used to raise curiosity, explain what you do, and give a short introduction about your expertise. So don’t leave your bio empty and make use of it using a creative description.

3. Don’t comment on irrelevant tweets – You might have seen people running Twitter handles on fitness, tech niches but still commenting on irrelevant tweets and discussions. The more you tweet like this, the more chance you get to shadowbanned. When people report your handle, Twitter will hide your replies and you won’t get many impressions. so don’t be desperate. Tweet on relevant topics, a little tweak on your comment could make your profile viral.

4. Don’t focus on the number of followers – it’s 2020, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. What really matters is engagement. There are handles which have more than 100k follower but they get less than 5 retweets and 10 likes. Engaged followers matters.

5. Don’t forget to use the like method – when you are engaged in a conversation and when you like a comment or tweet, don’t forget to hit the like button. The more you do, your profile will get more visibility, because when you like or comment on a user’s tweet, who has less than 1000 followers, your notification will get more importance.

6. Don’t forget to use images – Images have great engagement factors on Twitter. You could try this out and check your engagement factor.

7. Don’t forget to measure your analytics – It just takes 5 times to have a quick check on what tweets are getting more engagement. Once you have got the information, focus more on these which gets a good response. Also keep trying new things.

About the Author: Saravana Kumar

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