Link Building Made Easy : Forum Intro Method

Link Building Made Easy : Forum Intro Method

Link building is one of the most important factors in SEO. Your site could rank higher or on the 10 or 12 of the page. It all depends on the links.

What’s more important is relevance. Google doesn’t take every link and measure it equally. When you are a newbie or starting your new site, you may find it difficult to find the sources to build links.

But you could sort it out easily. The technique is the forum intro method.

Why this method?

You could find many forums too, but if it is high traffic or with good authority, moderators won’t allow placing links to external sites, you should be a member for months and should provide good value to place links.

How to bypass this? Well, there is a simple technique that could be effective and less time-consuming.

The answer is the forum intro section. More than 90% of forums have an introduction section for new members. Where members give a short intro about them and their habits, service, and locality.

How to do this?

After registering in the forum and get into the intro section. Let’s assume it’s a fitness forum and you have a website on the fitness niche.

Break your thread into  3 steps.

Step 1: Say something about you. Like i was overweight and wanted to reduce my weight naturally without using supplements and it was hard in the begging and after six months of hard i reduce 8 kgs

Step 2: Add your future Goals  Now write something like. All I learned from my experience is momentum. And when you have the momentum you could achieve anything. And now training for a marathon.

Step 3: Slowly pitch your website: Add something like, I also love writing and now started a blog to write y experience and write more about fitness and intro your website.

The main advantage is that you could use this technique in any big forum. Make sure you type at least 100 words before you place the link.

Even in highly moderated forums, moderators would let you do this since you are mostly speaking about and making sense in the intro section.

If you want to build a link to the specific article, try to speak about it in the intro sentences and add like I have written something about it and link it to the page. People won’t consider this as spam , since you are writing on the niche and adding value and creating a good conversation.


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