How to use Twitter Direct Messaging for Sales

Twitter is one of the best and easiest platform to drive sales to your product and affiliates.


  1. Millions of people use it
  2. Each to find the target audience
  3. Easy to find the target audience’s opinion and scale.
  4. Can contact him directly either through tweet/direct message

Before we start some important points to note about Twitter Direct Messaging.

a) When you message a person who is not following you, Twitter will send your message as a message request. Meaning, the person has to approve your message to read it.

b) Twitter allows 1000 messages per day per account.

c) Read message option (the blue tick in whatsapp) is optional on Twitter. Some people would have opted out, which means you won’t get a read symbol even if they have already read the message.

How to make sales with Twitter direct messaging

Let’s assume you are promoting a product about weight loss.

Step 1: Make sure your Twitter timeline doesn’t look spammy and add some tweets about fitness, possibly the latest tweets.

Step 2: Search using keywords like weight loss, lose weight, and few and open the accounts which speak about weightloss

Step 3: Look whether the accounts are looking for advice or some information or looking to buying a product.

Step 4: The last option is our prospective customer, just open his Twitter profile and look for his latest tweets

Step 5: Send an intro message, Don’t try to pitch the product. Your message should be like you were in a similar position like him and used a nice product and self motivated yourself and add a few more points that will help him

Step 6: If you get a reply, try to get a short conversation and then link the product in the message and explain how it helped you.

It takes 5 mins to shortlist 10 to 15 people to dm and when you dm with a proper message, as if you are helping him you could get a reply from 4 to 7 people out of 10.

The more you exercise this method, the easier it comes and you could strike gold in a few days. Remember you could get great conversion rates to your product and affiliate links since you are speaking with a customer who is looking to buy something.


About the Author: Saravana Kumar

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