How to make affiliate sales with Free Ebooks

How to make affiliate sales with Free Ebooks

Generating traffic from free ebooks is one of the easiest and simplest methods to drive traffic to your affiliate and own products.

Before we get into the details lets discuss its advantages

  1. You can create value in your ebook and gain that much-needed trust which will help you to get good conversions
  2. You could warm your audience and explain to them how the product will work out and create enthusiasm.
  3. The traffic is free and you don’t need to pay for it.
  4. You could add as many as 20 affiliate links in an ebook
  5. Since the ebook is free you could get lots of attention and downloads
  6. One of the most important advantages is, you could collect lots of emails which can be used for further communication and selling.

Creating an ebook is not difficult and it is as simple as composing an email.  You could use Microsoft Word or google docs to write your article and then convert it into a pdf.

Here are the steps that will help you to create a successful ebook to drive traffic to your affiliate products.

Step 1: Solve a Problem

Don’t try to come up with basics or generic ebook like what is SEO, and books that explain the basic. Try to solve the problem.   Go to forums and communities and learn what’s the current problem and make list.

Step 2: Research 

Once you have identified the problems, research for the solution. Browse authority sites, youtube videos, and forums for solutions.

Step 3: List out the Audience and Products

Once you have found the solution, list out what kind of audience would require this solution. Then list out the affiliate products that could be added and get the affiliate link from the networks.

Step 4: The Writing Part 

Make sure you write at least 2000 words. A good book can have around 300o to 5000 words. Before start writing plan the structure and try to provide new solutions and value. This will help you to gain the trust and in turn, will help you to get a good conversation on your affiliate links.

Don’t try to place more than 20 links in the ebook. Don’t spam the ebook with the affiliate links. Try placing one kink every 200  to 200 words.

At the end of the ebook suggest ten products and list them with the affiliate links.

Step 5: The Title 

Title one of the most important aspect. Try to come up with a clickbait title or the one that will raise your audience’s expecation. Make sure you include the solution you found in the title. This will get you more downloads since the product is free.

Where you publish? 

Right, you have successfully completed your ebook, now you need a host to publish your ebook. although there are several good hosts I would prefer Gumroad .

Gumroad has the option where you can let the users pay as they wish. You can set the minimum price and the users can mention an affordable price and get the ebook. You could also set $3 or $5 if you think you can make some money with your solution.

If not add the price as 0 and select the option as Pay as you wish. The users can just enter 0 and claim your ebook.

Note: This is free and you don’t need to pay any price to gumroad when you are selling for free, but gumroad will take a small slice like 3.5% if you are selling for few dollars.

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