Free Affiliate Traffic : Twitter Like Method (Targeted Traffic)

Free Affiliate Traffic : Twitter Like Method (Targeted Traffic)

It’s tough to generate free traffic to affiliate products when you are new to the industry.

The most important thing people forget is the targetted traffic.

You can get 1000 visits from a source but if it doesn’t bring the targeted audience, it will just be waste of time. 

How good it will be if we get a targeted audience for free.

Yes, can get this free for free with little effort.

So without wasting any time let’s get into the method.

Strategy: The strategy is to create multiple accounts and like on tweets and comments on Twitter handles that are speaking about the product you like to promote.

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Step 1: The most important Step 

Create a unique Twitter name. In order to succeed in this strategy, you need to create a unique Twitter name.

Say you are selling fitness products on weightloss create names like: This is how I lost weight, Simplest way to lose weight.

This will tempt your target audience to have a look at your profile.

Step 2: Creative Display Picture 

Like the user name come up with a creative and unique display picture.

Step 3: Last Ten Tweets

When the user visits your profile, he will see the bio and your last ten (or twenty tweets). So before you start make sure you have great information.  Could visit authority websites in your niche, add the latest news, and inspirational and value quotes in your latest tweets.

Step 4: Set up Bio

This is one of the important steps.  Try to add a clickbait description with a link in the Bio. Try to raise the curiosity in your description. This will get more clicks to your website and sales pages.

Numbers will get your more clicks. Selling a book on how to make money on Instagram try like $3k in 2 months on Instagram and this is how I made.

You can add several links to the bio. so when you tweeting on fitness niche or sub-niche weight loss, you don’t need to focus on just one product. Try you using link.tree and you could add several links with description.

Step 5: Lets Play 

We are all set and we could start to hit the like button on tweets and comments of your target audience.

Search your keyword on Twitter and try to focus on people with less than 1000 followers.  When followers are less, they will receive less or no notifications. So when you like their comment or tweet, your notification will gain more attention. 

Try to come up with different keywords to search on Twitter. When you selling an ebook on how to make money on Instagram, don’t just focus on the keyword Instagram. Your target audience will also include people’s tweets about passion income, work online, work from home, part-time work, etc.

You could also come up with different accounts. Note that you could change your Twitter handle anytime, so when you are selling a different product you could change the name of the handle and links in the bio. Don’t try to shift the niche. If you are selling in the fitness niche try selling products only on the fitness niche in the account.



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