Four Easy ways to fix Facebook Attachment Unavailable Error

Four Easy ways to fix Facebook Attachment Unavailable Error

Facebook is the most widely used social media website. Upload and share an image on Facebook is quite easy and literally, anyone with basic computer knowledge could do it.

But you may get some errors due to privacy and other settings.

The most common error is the Attachment Unavailable Error. Although there are several reasons for this error, you could try one of these four methods to fix it.

First Option: Change Public Sharing Setting

Log into Facebook

Click on the three dots

Pick your story from News Feed

On the right-hand corner click on the drop-down menu and select Public

Second Option: Upload to the specific group directly

The second is to upload  directly to the specific group instead of sharing the link

Go to the Facebook group you want to post either by clicking on the left-hand side or through a search

Click on Add Photo/Video and upload directly (Also check whether the post is set to public)

Then Select Upload Photos/Videos and upload

Third Option: Modify Security Settings

The third option is to modify your security settings of the image before posting it.

Right-click the image on the computer

In the bottom select security

Check on Unblock and click ok.

Fourth Option: Set Privacy Setting to Public

On the top-right of the Facebook homepage, click on the arrow in the menu bar

Select Settings and  go to Privacy

Under Your Activity  – Who can see your future posts, click on Edit

Set the setting to Public

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