Easy Method: Promote your product, affiliate on others Instagram profile for Free

Easy Method: Promote your product, affiliate on others Instagram profile for Free

In recent years Instagram emerged as one of the best platforms to sell your products and affiliate products.

But the most important aspect is people spend a lot of money for very little return on investment.

If you are a newbie and if you don’t have money to spend on Instagram, it almost becomes impossible to make a dollar on Instagram.

But there is a method, where I successfully used to place affiliate links on other people’s profiles with paying them.

Yes, you can do it for free and can convince the Instagram accounts to place your links in their bio for a day, week, or sometimes even for a month.

Let me break the secret here: All I did was spent 2 days and read 20 to 30 articles from authority websites, rewrote the content, and converted it as an ebook. Then I approached the owners and requested placement of a link in their bio and a post in exchange for this free ebook.

Let me break my idea into different steps and explain how I did it.

Step 1: I decided on the affiliate product, searched, and shortlisted 200 plus accounts on the fitness niche. The whole world focuses on influencers. So I decided to focus on people who would get fewer offers to promote something on their Instagram profile. They are called micro-influencers, people with 1000 to 10,000 followers.

You could also approach people up to 30k followers for this strategy.

Step 2: I decided to offer an ebook for free but what kind of ebook I am going to give them. If I give them some normal stuff, I know I wouldn’t get a reply. So I wanted to raise their curiosity. So decided to write two books on the fitness niche and one book on how to grow Instagram followers quickly.

Now they are using Instagram and so everyone would be interested in increasing their followers. I made a small change here there are many methods and ideas on how to increase Instagram followers and if I titled the same way i would be getting less or no response.

so I read some cases studies and titled the book in the lines of 3k to 45k followers under 6 weeks – Case Study

Now everyone would be interested to know how it happened and when it’s free, you could get a good repsosne.

But the reality is I didn’t get the response I expected, Out of 100 I was expecting around 30 to 40 replies but all I got was 19.

Out of 19, 12 people were ready to get the book in exchange for the link in the bio.

I got 6477 visits to my affiliate link in 2 weeks and earned $623 in 2 weeks’ time. This is was all free and I didn’t spend a penny to drive the traffic.

The success of the idea lies in the title and content of the ebook, sp try to come up with different titles and contents to get a good response.




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