Do spun content work with SEO?

Do spun content work with SEO?

Article writing can be a tedious job, especially if you writing something new and on something, you are not an expert.

The next big challenge is to find a good writer. People are cannot afford writers tend to chose the option to spun the articles.

There are lots of good rewriting websites. The big question is will these articles help you in SEO.

The answer is a straight NO.

The biggest drawback in such articles is human readability. Google cannot trace whether the article is rewritten with a piece of software or manually written by a human.

But how does google rank good articles over spun articles?

The answer is people. Time spent on site.

Yes when a user lands on your page and when he sees the article and if it doesn’t look natural, he will make a quick exit.

When more users repeat this, Time Spent on Site gets a hit and when compared to your competitors your site will have less usage.

This sends a strong signal to Google and this is how the search giant, differentiates spun content and good written article.

When you are looking for good writers, try them on freelancing websites like Fiverr and freelancer and ask for a sample page and look out for reviews.




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