Bangkok Craigslist – 5 Best Alternatives

Bangkok Craigslist - 5 Best Alternatives

Craigslist is the leading classified advertisements website with categories like jobs, community, services, gigs, and discussion forums.

Craigslist was created by Craig Newmark in 2000 and operates with 50 employees.

When it comes to Thailand, craigslist isn’t the only option and you can check other sources for services, travel help, and discussions.

Here we list five other best alternatives for craigslist in Thailand.

Farangmart is one of Thailand’s leading free, cleanest, and easiest to use classified sites. You can post ads for free and the website also has featured ads, where you can pay a little amount to get ahead of free ad postings.

With featured ads, your ads will be visible for 30 days and you can pay using PayPal.

Bahtsold is one of Thailand’s leading premium ad posting website. Best services include selling cars, bicycles, motorcycles, renting, and selling houses. With the site getting popular every day, it is the best site to sell, buy and trade motorcycles and houses.


Thaisvisa has many sections when compared to other websites. The Website also reports local news and world news.

Thaivisa forum is one of the leading forums in the country and has many sections targeting local places. If you are a traveler and looking for a quality discussion you could choose thaivisa.

4. Bangkok Post Classifieds

Bangkok post is one of the leading websites in Thailand and its classified section helps you to search for property, auto, business, travel, etc.

If you are a traveler you could also look for news and other interesting in Thailand here.


Bangkok locanto is a free classified website and includes services like jobs, business, classes, property, personals, and other services. The nob section listed here is one of the best and covers a wide range of categrories.

How to make safe transactions from Classifieds.

  • Do not send the money to a person, whom you have not met or had a good social identity like a website or social profile.
  • Do not send your personal or payment information to people whom you meet in classiffied.
  • Use escrow, if you think the person is not genuine your escrow payments.
  • For safety do not accept cheques. Ask for bank transfer or payapal.
  • Stay away from posting your personal pics or information.


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