12 Apps that pay you to walk

Apps that pay you to walk

Hearing this for the first time?  , yes there are apps that pay for you’re for a walk.  Apps track every step you take, modulate them into a point system and pay you directly to your account, PayPal, discount cards, or a charity donation on your behalf.

Walking is the simplest and easiest way to keep you active from your work busy schedule.

The important thing to note is, you cant earn much to quit your daily job, but this is a good side hustle to earn few extra bucks.

It is advisable to pair smartphones to fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch; they calculate your steps more accurately when compared to other apps. Also, try to carry your phone, else you might miss some steps.

1. Achievement

Achievement pays you through a point system. Achievement pays $10 for every 10,000 points scored. You can score a maximum of 80 points a day. Apart from walking you could also score points by biking, swimming, and other exercises as tracked through the app.

It would take 4 months to get to $10, and you could earn $30, a year. The achievement also provides you opportunities to earn more by taking surveys on health and fitness.

Apart from this achievement will also pay you for reading articles.  Each article will account for 3 points.

The app runs in the background so you don’t need to check periodically, you can just set it initially and it will work.

2. Step Bet

Apps that pay you to walk

Step bet is an interesting app.  The app will make a $40 bet for six weeks and will give you tasks for every day depending on your app activity. If you beat target you would get $40 after six weeks. You need to beat the target every day and if you lose a day you will lose the bet.

Step Bet is the best app if you are looking for motivation.

3. Charity Miles

Charity Miles lets you earn money for charity donations. You can choose from 40 different charities and the app will calculate your earnings and will directly pay to charities on your behalf.

Charity miles will pay 25 cents for every mile you walk (or run) and 10 cents when you choose to bike. You can choose to walk either indoors or outdoors. So if you have a treadmill you could use it as your advantage to help charities.

Don’t forget to turn on your app before your walking session because the app won’t track your steps in the background.

4. Mapmyfitness

Mpaymyfintess has series of apps like mapymyrun, mapmywalk, etc. By using these apps you can accept challenges to earn rewards and gifts.  While you may not earn lucrative cash rewards you may get decent gifts if you win challenges. The gifts include fitness and health-related products.

Mapymyfintess apps can be connected to fitbit and other phone sensors to track your activity. Unlike other apps that track your movement only during your workout sessions, mapfitness apps can track your all-day activity.

5. FitFetti

Fit Fetti allows your friends and family to contribute to your steps. Fitfettio pays on Amazon credits. This is an Ios app and you can link it to Apple Health or Fitbit to calculate your daily workout.

6. PK Rewards

PK rewards like charity miles, allows you to donate to the charity of your choice. The app tracks all your movements through the phone and modifies them into a coin system. The app is only available through Ios.  You can also link to apple watch and other apps to track your health conditions.

7. Better Points

Better Points is available in the U.K, Poland, France, and Italy. You must be in these countries to track your activity. After joining you can select a challenge to earn points. You can redeem the points as a gift in these countries.

Better points also pay for lots of physical activities other than walking.

8. Lympo

Lympo motivates you by giving daily challenges. You could go for the morning, lunchtime and evening walk.

The app pays through their lympo cryptocurrency and you could use it for sports merchandise and gift cards. You can also sync it to Apple Health

9. Sweatcoin

Like Lympo , sweatcoin pays you on a virtual currency called sweatcoin. One drawback is, the app has fewer challenges to opt-in. So could not make more money using this app. But it gives you an option to make purchases within the app.

10. Rover

Rover is popular pet care that lets you earn money for taking pets for walks. After signing up, you can create your profile and set your rates, and approach clients. In big metros, you can also search for jobs directly from your clients. Rover takes a 20% commission on your charges.

11. Care.com

Like rover, care.com is an app that lets you create a profile to look for clients, who require people to take the dogs for a walk. Unlike rover, care.com allows you to set hourly rates. This makes it easy for clients who want to spend more with their dogs.  Once you create your profile, create a gig for a dog walking service and it will become easier for your clients to contact you.

12. Carrot (Canada )

Carrot apps track your activity and rewards you if you achieve your daily goals. Unfortunately, the app is only available for people in Canada.

The points you earned through carrot can be redeemed through Aeroplan Miles, Drop, More Rewards, Petro-Points, RBC Rewards, and SCENE.


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