About US

Thanks for checking, I have just started the site and to be honest, it is not,  About Us but About Me.

The name is Saravana Kumar and I have ten years of experience in content marketing.

The Mission:  Over the years I have found learned various techniques on Search Engine Optimisation, Blogging, Social Media, and Online Money-Making Techniques. I have started this blog to write about the stuff I learned.

The Vision: The vision to write blogs to make an audience connected to the data, make it as interesting as possible with realistic and actionable ideas and techniques.


What Do I like to do on Free Time: Twitter, books, and Music

What Kind of Books: Mostly Biographies

Aim for 2021: Read 54 (At least 50 books this year), Exercise regularly, start traveling.

Sports I Watch: Cricket and NBA

Favorite Auhtors : Authors who write biogprahies.

If you would like to write about techniques that will help people in blogging, productivity, online money making, and personal development write to us (Me): saravana.freelancer@gmail.com