5 Simple ways to drive free traffic to Affiliates from Twitter

Twitter is one of the best and easiest ways to drive traffic to your product and affiliate links. Without wasting any time, let’s jump in to explore these methods to make money making easy.

1.Comment Method

Follow influencer handles in your niche and when they tweet about something related to your product or affiliate, add a tempting description along with the link. This will make sure, you are driving a targeted audience to your affiliate link.

Don’t focus on just placing links on comments, participate, and comment, and share your knowledge and place the links on appropriate tweets. In the long run, you would gain followers using this method.

2. Like Method

This is a method where you like the tweets on comments on your influencer’s tweets. Like the above method, follow influencers and like on comments. Make sure you a link in your bio. When you like on a comment and when the user doesn’t have many followers, he would concentrate on Twitter notifications, since he wouldn’t be getting much. And he gets ur profile as a notification, you will get a good chance to visit the profile.

3. Quote Replies

This could be one of the best methods. The first step would be to place a link in your tweet. And copy the link to the tweet. Now go to the comment section of the influencers handle, place the link with a clickbait description. This would work well with offers, discounts, and freebies.

4. Bio-Link Method

When you already have a decent following and you are tweeting regularly, add a link in the bio to the best affiliate product/offer. When you get a profile visit, you will get more visibility to your affiliate links

5. Bio – Multiple Method

This is the extension of the previous method. You could use multiple links in your bio. You could use it with looking odd. You link.tree and all your affiliate links and add the link.tree profile link in bio.

Use a nice description in the bio. This would tempt them to click on the link.

The success of this method will depend on relanancy. Focus on your target audience, when you are promoting a fitness product, follow and comment on influencers on the fitness niche.

About the Author: Saravana Kumar

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