5 mistakes to avoid while placing affiliate links


1.Avoid using links in forums and qa sites. Links may look odd and if it has too many characters it will look spammy. Instead, use URL shorteners and hyperlinks. Using creative and interesting hyperlinks can bring you a lot of traffic

2. Don’t place links on irrelevant sites. The biggest problem here is, you may get traffic but will struggle in conversions. Focus on websites and forums with relevancy. going further if you post on threads or communities where people are looking for more information, you can get a good conversion rate.

3. Don’t Avoid low traffic forums, when we visit a forum and if we find there are not many active threads, we tend to ignore the forum. The idea should be long term. I got some success in picking low traffic forums. the main advantages are you will not have any moderation. And in long term, say a year, you could get enough traffic to get at least a couple of sales.

4. Select products based on the communities you participate in. Instead of selecting an affiliate product and then trying how to market it, participate in communities, and then choose the products. This way it becomes easy to place links in the forum. And we could get good reception.

5. participate in forums before placing the links. This is important. When you participate in the forum and then place a link once in a while you won’t be considered a spammer. This is where most people get it wrong. They try a few forums and when they get banned, they tend to think this won’t work. Make it slow, participate in forums, and then place links.


Additionally, try to pick a product with offers, this will give you good traffic.

About the Author: Saravana Kumar

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