3 Simple Techniques to check your Direct Messages on Instagram using Computer (PC))

3 Simple Techniques to check your Direct Messages on Instagram using Computer (PC))

Instagram is a great platform to share your images, videos with your friends and world.

The social networking app gives you great security and privacy setting to protect your personal messages, photos, and videos.

Instagram allows you to limit your profile, and give you the option of who can see it and interact with you.

You could also privately message a brand pr person using a direct messaging service, popularly known as DM.

Lets us see the ways how you can direct messages on Instagram using your desktop.

First Method: Using Browser

The first and simple method is using your web browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

In order to send a direct message to a particular user, click on the message icon their profile to send a DM

To check your messages folder, click on the arrow icon at the top right corner of your Instagram home page.

Second Method: Windows App

1.Download Instagram App for Windows 10 from Windows App Store

2.Install the app on your desktop

3.Click on the Direct Message Icon on the App to send a Private Message

4.To check the messages click on the arrow icon, this will take you messages window where you can see all of your private conversations.

Third Method: Blue Stacks 

1.Blue Stacks is an Android Emulator for Windows (Now also supports Mac).

2.Download Blue Stacks from its official website

3.Install and Run the program

4.After Installing download and install the Instagram app for Windows (or Mac)

5.To check the Messages, click on the arrow icon on the Instagram app

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